Clinton River Canoe and Kayak Rentals


We offer various trips along the Clinton River, from the Auburn Hills area to Utica, as well as the Mt. Clemens area. Enjoy the scenic beauty of nature, and abundant wildlife, as you paddle through parks and sanctuaries, full of activities, beaches, picnic spots, and swimming holes! Customize your trip based on what kind of paddle you are looking for, whether you want to rock down some rapids, float the river, or have some fun doing both, we have options for you!

We have excellent, quality gear and equipment, and a wide selection of boats to fit your needs!


Pick-Up Locations*

Est. Miles

Est. Paddle Time*




4 hours

Ryan Rd.


1 hour


Yates Park


3 hours


Heritage Park


2 hours

Mt. Clemens

Up to 10

1-10 hours

*Your pick-up location is where you will drive to catch our river shuttles. This is the same location where your trip ends. pric

*Rental fees are based on the estimated (est.) paddle time for the trip you choose- not by how long it actually takes you to paddle back -you have until 7:00pm to enjoy the river, and return boats and equipment!

*Personal guides and instruction are available at special rates- Please call for more information (248) 421-3445

Trips Descriptions

General Paddle general
The lower section of the Clinton River, below Yates Dam, is home to our most popular runs! The 2 and 3-hour trips on this section end at Heritage Park, and offer paddlers the best of the Clinton River. With a steady current, and several turns paddlers get a feel for the Mighty Clinton River, then paddle downstream into calmer waters with great beaches and swimming, phenomenal fishing, and plenty of park area for play, all with an up-north feel.

Beginners new
Beginners will like the section of the Clinton River between Budd Park and along North River Road. This section has a very slow current, and a greater width. There are several parks along this stretch, the attractions of Downtown Mt. Clemens, and even the beautiful homes and boats along the river! Shuttle pick-up is located at the Historical Bathhouse located in the heart of Downtown Mt. Clemens!  

Intermediate Paddles intermed
The sections above Yates Dam, between Riverside Park and Rochester Hills, are usually an intermediate level paddle due to the tight turns and narrowness of the river; however, if you really want to explore the wildlife in a secluded area, this is the run for you! The trip lengths available on this section range from 1- 4 hours, and end at Livernois Road. The current on this section runs a little faster than the lower section, and with the tight turns, some experience is necessary. This section can become an experienced paddle when water levels are up too high, and again when they are too low. This section can lose a lot of water in July/August making for a very difficult paddle- Please call ahead to inquire about water levels and availability. We do not recommend this river trip for children under 10 years of age.

Experienced Paddles
Sink your paddles into some rapids and discover why it got its name, the “Mighty Clinton River”!
All sections above Yates Dam require some experience; however, the section between Livernois Road and YatesDam is home to the most intense sets of rapids, turns, currents, and drop in altitude along the entire Clinton River! During high water events, this section can become a class III river, while lower water levels make it more of an intermediate paddle- always check water levels, or call to inquire. We do not recommend this river trip for children under 13 years of age (with experience).

What's Unique to the Clinton River

The Clinton River is in your own backyard!

The topography of the Clinton River changes dramatically from Oakland to Macomb County. In some areas of the river, the elevation drops significantly, which is what creates the Class II and III conditions, and allows for exciting, experienced paddling trips. As the river flows out of Oakland County into Macomb, the elevation and flood plain levels out a lot, giving way to a flatter, calmer ride for novice paddlers. The ever-changing flow of the Clinton River is also what creates the beautiful, sand, and shoal beaches, along the rivers edges, perfect for an afternoon picnic, or rest stop, and the Huron-Clinton Metro parks system preserves land in the watershed as public parks.

Not only is the Clinton River the best place to “Get Your Paddle On,” it is Southeast Michigan’s premier trout fishery! Fed by Paint Creek and Stoney Creek, the waters of the Clinton River provide habitat for numerous fish species such as brown trout, steelhead, pike, and various others. Along with fish, the river is home to many types of birds, and bird sanctuaries. The Great Blue Heron Rookery is located along the banks of the Clinton, and is home to the largest Great Blue Heron Rookery in S.E. Michigan!

Discover what the Mighty Clinton River has to offer from the unique vantage point of a canoe or kayak!


USGS Water Levels

Clinton River Water Levels–The variations in water flow levels affect the type of day you will have on the river. We monitor the USGS Water Levels frequently, especially during and after heavy rains. These levels, along with visual observations, give us a good indication of whether certain sections are safe for paddling, or whether certain sections will not have enough water to paddle at all! Your safety is our #1 priority, so keep in mind we reserve the right to cancel trips if we feel your safety could be compromised. The U.S. Geological Survey department monitors actual water flow on a bi-hourly basis. You can check the water levels for both the upper and lower sections of the Clinton River on their site.